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At Certified Nightlifer, our vision is to create a fashion brand that resonates with the nightlife community.

Our designs are not only for those who thrive under the neon lights – from DJs to bartenders, club enthusiasts to event managers – but they're also created by them.

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Certified Nightlifer's audience encompasses a wide range of individuals who share a passion for the nightlife. Our unisex brand caters to DJs, club-goers, nightlife staff, and creatives who keep the night alive!



Welcome to Certified Nightlifer by Waiel and Tola a dynamic duo deeply rooted in the heart of the nightlife scene.

Tola, a DJ whose career has skyrocketed since 2019, began spinning tracks in local clubs and cafes and has since ascended to playing at some of the biggest festivals, with bookings across Europe.

Waiel, often known as "Mr. Manager," prefers to work his magic behind the scenes. His years of dedication have made him a familiar face in the nightlife community, known for his management skills and love for the nocturnal world.

This venture, however, extends beyond just us. And as we continue this journey, we eagerly anticipate more Certified Nightlifers joining us, contributing to a brand that's as diverse and dynamic as the scene it represents.

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